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Nock Point Restricter

The small brass rings limit the nock point of your arrow and are easily attached to the bowstring.

Material: brass with Teflon lining
Sizes: small, medium, large

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Bowstring Wax

Bearpaw Products bpb-wax is a high-quality bow string wax which is produced on the basis of natural beeswax in Germany. It has been developed and intensively tested. Its superb features extend the life time of your bow string and protect it against environmental and harsh weather conditions.

Base Material: natural beeswax
Quality: Made in Germany

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Upon ing the bow into the bow case or sleeve or during transport, the string often slips from the limb. The brace height must be reset and the string is lost in the depths of the bow sleeve. The string holder is a useful accessory that prevents a slipping of the string on the relaxed bow.

Material: leather

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Bearpaw Super Center Serving

Our extra thick Bearpaw Super Center Serving material guarantees a secure fit of the nock on the string. The durable and thick nylon center serving material was specifically designed for the needs of traditional archers.

Material: nylon
Color: black
Diameter: 025

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Standard string

Bowstring is a new hybrid string which was developed in collaboration with renowned American archers.
The Whisper String guarantees a fast arrow flight with an incredibly soft shot. The ends of the string are additionally reinforced thus protecting your bow from damage.

We recommend the following number of strings:

All bows up to 40 lbs: 8 strands
All bows from 41 lbs: 10 strands
Quality: German Craftsmanship

The string has a thicker center serving to ensure a tight fit of most standard nocks.

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Bowstringer - Longbow

Durable bowstringer for longbows made of upper leather. For this bowstringer we only use high-quality upper leather to guarantee both the good looks and the durability of our bowstringer.

Material: Leather
Lengths: Individually adjustable

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Gauge "Checker"

The brace height of a bow is an essential property that has a serious impact on the performance and accuracy of the bow. The position of the nock point is crucial to ensure a good arrow flight. This small and handy tool helps you control and adjust the brace height and position of the nock point.

Material: coated metal

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Bowstringer - Recurve

Our bowstringer for recurves is made only of a durable high-quality upper leather. The extra thick string and the looks of true leather round out this quality product.

Material: Leather
Lengths: Individually adjustable

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Universal bowstringer

Universal bowstringer made of high-quality leather for all types of bows. Using a bowstringer protects your bow from twisting the limbs.This bowstringer can be used for recurves and longbows.

Material: Leather
Lengths: Individually adjustable

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Nock Point Pliers

The small nock points made from brass are in our opinion the best solution to adjust the nock point to the string. With these Nock Point Pliers, the small brassen ring can easily be removed and clamped on again.

Material: metal with grips covered in plastic

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String Serving

The Bearpaw Deluxe String Serving Jig has a worldwide reputation of excellent functionality and the highest quality. Many archers use this device to easily and quickly create a center serving on strings. We are proud to have set a new standard with our Deluxe String Serving Jig.

fine adjustment of the pretension
centered thread guiding
lateral threading function
"easy-turn-around" feature by heavy steel components
delivered with matching hardbox
reel guide

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Hand Held Bow Scale

Knowing and controlling the exact draw weight of your bow is an important issue, if you want to determine your perfect arrow. Hand Held Bow Scale is scaled specifically for the needs of archers and provided with an indexer. The indexer makes it easy to read the actual draw weight.

Design: metal with indexer and lbs-scaling

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String Yarn

Traditional Speed Flight is a high-performance string material for fast and high-quality bows. Because a lot more energy is passed into the bow and arrow than with Dacron bowstrings, bows must be cleared for strings made from Speed Flight material.

Material: Traditional Speed Flight (Fast Flight, Spectra)
Colours: white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, pink
Amount: 1/4 lbs

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String Board

String Board is made from solid beech and helps immensely with the plaiting of strings.

Material: solid beech wood