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188,- EUR
cena bez DPH 155,37 EUR
dostupnost: skladem


Simple, guick and handy!
The Dakota is with walnut and black glass. The short limbs produce an astonishing performance and can be drawn softly and comfortably up to 30 inches.

Bow Length: 64´´
Bow Weight: 20 - 55 lbs
Handle: Walnut
Limbs: Maple with black glass
Tips: Mycarta

207,- EUR
cena bez DPH 171,07 EUR
dostupnost: 14 dní


The lamination of the tapered limbs supports the limbs achievement-oriented design and guarantees a high shooting comfort and speed. The Kite is made of Maple.

Bow Length: 68´´
Bow Weight: 20 - 60 lbs
Handle: Maple
Limbs: Maple
Tips: Mycarta

226,- EUR
cena bez DPH 186,78 EUR
dostupnost: skladem


The Slick Stick is a flatbow which combines the good characteristics of both a recurve and a longbow. Limbs are made of bamboo are a guarantor of the excellent features of this flatbow.

Bow Length: 58´´
Draw Weight: 15 - 55 lbs
Handle: American Black Walnut
Limbs: Bamboo and clear glass
Tips: Mycarta

315,- EUR
cena bez DPH 260,33 EUR
dostupnost: skladem


Soft and swift longbow of premium quality. The Kobra is strongly reflex-deflex, this bow convinces with both pereformance and quality. The Kobra is made of maple, the limbs are overlaid with wonderfully grained Olive.

Bow Length: 68 ´´
Bow Weight: 20 - 60 lbs
Handle: Walnut, Maple, Walnut
Limbs: Maple with Olive
Tips: Mycarta

395,- EUR
cena bez DPH 326,45 EUR
dostupnost: skladem


The Falcon is made of precious materials. Due to its bow length of only 64 inches it is a fast and handy allrounder. The handle is made of a combination of heavy Mycarta and Zebrano to guarantee a steady shot and to forgive mistakes by shooting. The highly textured olive veneer completes the beautiful look of this longbow.

Bow length: 64´´
Bow Weight: 20 - 55 lbs
Handle: Mycarta a Zebrano
Limbs: Maple with Oliva veneer, clear glass
Tips: Mycarta

405,- EUR
cena bez DPH 334,71 EUR
dostupnost: 14 dní


The Panther is a very special longbow with a great performance. The Panther is made of high-quality exotic woods.

Bow Length: 66´´
Bow Weight: 20 - 60 lbs
Handle: Bubinga, wenge
Limbs: Maple with Ovangol
Tips: Mycarta